Who we are

We truly believe that behind every great company there is a great story. Our mentor and co-founder, along with his brothers, are amongst the originators of the macrobiotic & natural skincare movement. They published a book called “Our Earth Our Cure” which is studied by many. They always had a quick cure or recipe for everything, whether it be the common cold, cuts, scrapes, or even pimples. Our principles growing up were that “Mother Nature is amazing!” Feeling deeply connected to our roots, our love for everything natural and plant-based grew. We learned the importance of feeding the body wholesome ingredients, and also quickly understood that the same applied for skincare.

Dr. SkinFeed was founded on this idea that the earth is filled with goodness, and Mother Nature gave us everything we need to nurture our skin and body. Since skin is your biggest organ, we truly believe in feeding it with the best naturally derived ingredients. We hope to continue our legacy and make our family proud by giving people the opportunity to feed their skin with non-toxic ingredients the same way we had the privilege growing up. Our goal is to bring back a world where we care for each other’s well-being and our Earth! Cheers to bringing skincare back to basics without all that extra “chemical stuff” people are adding nowadays!

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